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    Panel Mount Throttle Top Speed Adjustable Limiter for Razor Electric Scooters, Go Karts, Quads, Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Sports Bikes, and Crazy Carts

    • Plugs in between the throttle and speed controller.
    • Adjusts the motor's top speed from ~10% to 100%.
    • Requires custom installation of the panel mount adjuster which mounts into an 11/32" (9mm) round hole.
    • The adjuster is commonly installed on the side of the plastic battery tray or cover.
    • The black plastic knob can be left uninstalled to adjust the top speed with a screwdriver instead of by hand.
    • Also available in a version that mounts completely inside of the scooter so it cannot be externally adjusted.

    Fits the following Razor models:

    • Crazy Cart (All Versions)
    • Crazy Cart DLX (All Versions)
    • Crazy Cart Shift (All Versions)
    • Crazy Cart XL (All Versions)
    • Dirt Quad (All Versions)
    • Dirt Quad 500 (All Versions)
    • Dune Buggy Go Kart (Version 12+)
    • E200 and E200S Scooter (Version 10-23)
    • E225 Scooter (Version 10-23)
    • E300 and E300S Scooter (Version 8-19)
    • E325 Scooter (Version 8-19)
    • E500S Scooter (All Versions)
    • EcoSmart Scooter (All Versions)
    • Ground Force Go Kart (Version 13+)
    • Ground Force Drifter Go Kart (Version 3+)
    • Ground Force Drifter Fury Go Kart (All Versions)
    • iMod Scooter (All Versions)
    • MX350 Dirt Bike (Version 8)
    • MX400 Dirt Bike (Version 1-15 with 5-Wire Throttle)
    • MX500 Dirt Bike (Version 10+)
    • MX650 Dirt Bike (Version 8+)
    • Pocket Mod Scooter (Version 8-12)
    • Pocket Mod Bellezza Scooter (All Versions)
    • PR200 Pocket Rocket Bike (Version 6)
    • RSF650 Sport Bike (All Versions)
    • Sport Mod Scooter (All Versions)
    • SX500 McGrath Dirt Bike (All Versions)

    razor motor adjuster adjustment speed top limit limiter limiting adjusting vary control

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