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    Powered, geared, and test proven for speeds up to 26 MPH.

    This NB (no batteries) series kit is the exact same kit as our KIT-MX481800-2 kit only without the batteries or battery charger. There is the option to add a 48 Volt 1.6 Amp charger for lead-acid batteries to this kit if needed though. 

    If you already purchased a 48 Volt battery pack to overvolt a Razor MX500, MX650 or SX500 dirt bike and now want even more power and speed then this is the right kit for you.

    The key switch on the throttle turns the bike's power on and off and the bike's original power switch activates the speed limiter function of the controller. When the controller's speed limiter function is switched on the motor will operate at reduced power for slower speeds and a longer ride-time. 

    The motor in this kit is the same size as the original motor and directly replaces it with only one metal tab needing to be cut off the bike's frame so the motor's power cord does not hit it, and one 1/4" hole drilled into the inside of the frame for one of the motor's bolt heads to fit inside. 1/4" Hole Template Directions (PDF)

    This modification kit requires custom installation (mounting) of the battery pack and controller.

    This kit is electronically 100% plug-and-play. We install matching connectors on every part of this kit and label them so all you have to do is plug everything together.

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  • 3-Terminal Junction Box with Cover
  • Charger Port Polarity Adapter
  • 40 Amp ATO Blade Fuse
  • Battery Pack Wiring Harness for 48 Volt 1800 Watt Razor MX and SX Series Dirt Bike Kit
  • 48 Volt 1800 Watt Brushless DC Motor
  • Razor MX500 and MX650 Power Switch to Aftermarket Speed Controller Switch Connector Adapter
  • Razor MX500 and MX650 Dual Brake Switch to Aftermarket Speed Controller Brake Switch Connector Adapter
  • 84 Tooth Sprocket for 8mm Chain
  • Full Length Twist Throttle with 48 Volt Power Meter and Key Switch
  • 122 Links Of 8mm Chain with Master Link
  • 48 Volt 1500/1600/1800 Watt Electric Scooter/Moped/Bike/Go Kart Brushless DC Motor Speed Controller
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