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    This kit has been upgraded from its original 1600 Watt motor to the new 1800 Watt motor.

    The controller in this kit is designed for 48 Volt lead-acid battery packs.

    The throttle in this kit has a battery level indicator for 48 Volt lead-acid battery packs.

    We will install matching connectors on every part of this kit and label them so all you have to do is plug everything together.

    This kit contains the following parts and labor (click below for details):

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  • 5-Terminal Junction Box with Cover
  • 48 Volt 1800 Watt Brushless DC Motor
  • 48/60/72 Volt 1500/1600/1800 Watt Electric Scooter/Moped/Bike Brushless DC Motor Speed Controller
  • Full Length Twist Throttle with 48 Volt Power Meter and Key Switch
  • 3-Terminal Female Jumper Plug with Jumpered Terminals 1 and 2
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