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Item #: KIT-148-D
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    #420 Chain with Master Link:

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    Wire Lengths: (wire lengths can be changed on request)

    • Charger port controller wire length 18 inches.
    • Battery pack to controller wire length 18 inches.
    • Motor to controller wire length 24 inches.
    • Throttle to controller wire length 64 inches.
    • Switch to controller wire length 65 inches.

    Kit Features:

    • Switch on thumb throttle activates forward/reverse.
    • Separate handlebar mount switch activates power on/off.
    • Brake lever turns off motor when it is pulled. Power to motor resumes when brake lever is released.
    • Battery pack wiring harness has 1/4" ID ring terminals.

    Reverse Feature Warning:

    • Wagon must be at a complete stop before switching from forward to reverse, or reverse to forward. Otherwise damage to the controller or relays may occur.

    Wheel and Axle Sprockets:

    The motor in this kit has an 10 tooth sprocket for #420 chain. We have wheel and axle sprockets for #420 chain and sprocket to axle adapters which can be used with this kit.

    Need axle or wheel sprockets and adapters? Click below to view our full selection of sprockets and chains.

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  • 36 Volt 3 Amp Automatic Battery Charger with 3-Pin XLR Plug
  • 3 Pin Black Nylon XLR Charger Port
  • 40 Amp ATO Blade Fuse
  • 36 Volt 600 Watt Gear Motor
  • Bosch Type Relay Wiring Connector with Mounting Tab
  • 36 Volt 80 Amp Bosch Type SPDT Relay
  • 36 Volt 1000 Watt Speed Controller
  • Handlebar Mount On/Off Power Switch
  • Thumb Throttle with 36 Volt Power Meter and Latching On/Off Switch
  • Battery Wiring Harness for 36 Volt Electric Scooters
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