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    24 Volt 750 Watt XYD-6B Motor, 24 Volt 1000 Watt Controller, and Twist Throttle Kit

    • We install matching connectors on every part of this kit and label them so installation will be plug-and-play.
    • The MOT-SD175 motor's shaft spins counter clockwise if you are facing the shaft. This shaft rotation is reversible by reversing motor to controller wire polarities.
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  • Battery Wiring Harness for 24 Volt Electric Scooters
  • 24 Volt 750 Watt 2600 RPM Currie Electric Scooter Motor with 11 Tooth Sprocket
  • 24 Volt 1000 Watt Speed Controller
  • On-Off Toggle Switch, SPST 2-Terminal
  • Full Length Twist Throttle
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