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    24 Volt 350 Watt Controller and Throttle with Key Switch and Battery Indicator Kit

    • The only connections that need to be made with this kit are the thick yellow and blue wires to the motor, and the thick red and black wires to the battery pack. All other connectors are optional and do not need to be connected to anything for the controller to operate.
    • The throttle has connectors that are wired to work with the controller.
    • The controller and throttle connectors are labeled so they can be assembled without any guesswork.
    • The throttle includes a matching left-hand grip which is not shown in the photo.
    • KIT-801 Wiring Instructions PDF
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  • Large Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape Rectangle, 3" x 2.4"
  • 24V 350W Electric Scooter or Bike Speed Controller
  • Full Length Twist Throttle with 24 Volt Power Meter and Key Switch
  • 6.3mm Female Connector with Wires, 2 Terminal
  • 6.3mm Male Connector with Wires, 2 Terminal
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