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    Dual Purpose Ammeter Plus Voltmeter, 100 Amp DC Digital Amp Meter with Isolation Transformer plus 5-120 Volt DC Voltmeter

    • Can be used as a dual purpose Ammeter plus Voltmeter with alternating display, or as a standalone Ammeter, or as a standalone Voltmeter.
    • Isolation transformer accepts wires up to 3/4" OD and any size smaller.
    • Operates on 5-120 Volts DC.
    • Panel mount design.
    • Optional 6 foot long extension cables are available so the isolation transformer can be used up to 6 feet away from where the meter is mounted.

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    Instructions for using the back button:

    Press the button on the back for a short time to alternate the three display modes:
    (1) Current and voltage alternate display mode.
    (2) Single current display mode.
    (3) Single voltage display mode. (Note: The measured voltage is the voltage value of the power supply of the ammeter).

    Current voltage display mode switching method:
    (1) Press the button on the back for a short time, the screen will display "A", indicating that it is a single current display mode, and only the current value is displayed.
    (2) Press the button on the back again for a short time, the screen will display “AU”, which means that the current and voltage are displayed alternately. The screen will alternately display the voltage and current values. (Note: When the current value is displayed, the screen will flash. Display When the voltage value, the screen does not flicker).
    (3) Press the button on the back again for a short time and the screen will display "U", indicating that it is a single voltage display mode at this time, and only the power supply voltage value of the meter head is displayed.

    Press the button on the back for a over 2 seconds and release it , the screen will display "CCC" to clear the current value to zero.

    Note: The key operation is stored in the chip, and it is saved after power off. So what mode is before power off, and what mode is restart after power off.

    Note: In the "current and voltage alternate display mode", when the current value is displayed, the screen will flash vividly.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    (1) Regarding the power supply for the ammeter : The supply voltage of this Hall ammeter is 5-120V DC. So it can be used with a 5 Volt supply, 12 Volt supply, or with any supply directly from a battery pack that is 120 Volts or under. But be careful because the maximum input voltage can not momentarily be above 150V DC otherwise damage may occur.

    (2) Regarding ammeter resetting: If the ammeter has a current jump of 0.1A when measuring 0A current, this is normal, because the resolution of the meter is 0.1A. If the 0-point current is over 0.1A, you can press and hold the clear button on the back for 2 seconds to clear it.

    More Information:

    This is a Hall-effect sensor driven ammeter that measures DC current. It uses a Hall-effect current sensor which breaks through the limitations and restrictions of current meters using ordinary metal shunts. This meter has an ultra-wide power supply voltage range of 5-120V DC, which can very easily directly measure the battery voltage of electric vehicles, scooter, bikes, etc. This one meter is dual purpose.

    Because the sensor is completely isolated from the meter's wire, you can measure both forward and reverse current. It can measure the current of the + VDC power line, the current of the - VDC power line, or the current of the "ground" line. As long as it is installed in a place to measure direct current, then it will measure the current there.

    (1) The unique middle hole design of the sensor allows the wires to pass directly through the holes without cutting the wires.
    (2) This meter can measure the current of the positive and negative poles of the power line at will, without worrying about the common ground of the ammeter.
    (3) High reliability, high resistance to current shock, the ammeter will not be damaged by current shock.
    (4) Due to the unique current channel, the current can be measured stably at full scale for a long time without affecting the sensor's life.
    (5) Using a bright emerald green LED display, sensor can be clearly displayed outdoors during the day.
    (6) The sensor can measure the forward and reverse currents, + current is displayed in the forward direction, and - current is displayed in the reverse direction.
    (7) The power supply adopts a switch-type step-down design, which can be used for a long-term maximum voltage of 120V DC without damage.

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